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Total Marketing Automation
Increase Rankings, Traffic, Sales and Reputation

Skyrocket Your Social Media
Boost your social status with authentic, assured followers, likes and views. We offer the best service, maintain consistent high quality, and support ALL major social media networks.

Drive Traffic and Sales
We make it easy to reach millions of internet users per day for as low as 3 cents a visitor. No creatives, ad copy or keywords needed. Just give us a URL and watch as our targeted website traffic floods your page.

Our Services

Instant Delivery

We provide hundreds of unique services and many of them are delivered within just minutes of placing your order.


Our Customer Support is available everyday. From simple questions to life or death struggles, we’re here to help.

High Quality

Get the best high quality services and in less time here.


Automatic services are updated and monitored daily to improve your experience throughout our website to assure hassle-free delivery.

API Ready

Easily resell any Wiz Ninja service on your own site. Connecting to our API is as easy as copying a few lines of code.

Rock Bottom Prices

All of our prices are listed as their cost per 1,000 making most of our services available for literally just pennies to start out.

What People Say About Us
We never ask our customers to judge us based on our Winners. We ask them to judge us based on our losers because we have so few. In business since 2015, the Wiz Ninja team has accumulated thousands of happy customers.

Linda Jackson

Youtube Vlogger

After trying several websites who claim to have 'fast delivery', I'm glad I finally found Wiz Ninja! Everything automatically started just 5 minutes after my payment! My videos are doing better than ever before and every order is completed quickly. Can't thank you enough for how much you've helped my channel.

Keith Irvine

Instagram Model

I cannot stress enough how happy I am with the service that I received. Thanks to all of you, my Instagram account is surging with activity! You’ve not only earned yourself a loyal customer, but a friend for life.

Janet J.

Instagram Influencer

Wow! This is amazing, i have been purchasing Instagram Likes for over a year and never got a delay! ? did a great job always

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After creating an account just open a support ticket asking us to add $1 to your balance.

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